Writing For Your Business

How important is writing for your business/digital arena in the 21st century? All businesses, regardless of size, are aware of the need to create a brand identity, vibrant visuals and a social media presence that will attract customers in an increasingly competitive market. However, the text that accompanies all of these is one aspect that is often overlooked.

Communication in the digital space is fast. With so much information overwhelming consumers, how can you make your business writing stand out?

Writing for a Website

Your business website is fundamental to your online presence. The text on each page needs to be clear because your visitors want to find the information quickly. Aim for a minimum of 300 words on each page.

Keywords are essential to be recognised in the right online searches. Include the keywords in the first sentence and the most important information in the first paragraph. Keep in mind that your customers could be using a mobile device so ask yourself what the text will look like on a mobile phone. The paragraphs should be short and broken up with subheadings.

Internet search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent. They know what their users want and how to deliver the relevant results. A website that has not been updated for a few years may still be applicable to your business but it is unlikely to score highly with the latest algorithms. This means that your website could be falling below others that are constantly updating their written content.

This is where business blogs are crucial. Blogs allow you to keep your website updated regularly without having to constantly change the information on your core pages (Home, About etc.). 300 words is considered to be the minimum length to satisfy the fresh content requirements. However, there is no definitive rule.

You could write a blog post about your latest product launch or to provide reasons why your customers need the services you provide. Think about the questions your customers are likely to ask and this will provide you with the content ideas and keywords. Your keyword should appear in the first sentence in the same way as your other internet pages.

You can also use your blog as a hook. For example, as a writer it is likely that a percentage of my website visitors are also interested in writing related content. Therefore, I post topics such as author interviews. Even though this is not directly selling, it draws people in. After visiting my blog, they will probably click on my other pages and read about my business. From this, they could potentially place an order.

Writing for Social Media

Share your blog posts on social media platforms. Other users could also share your posts and then you have promoted your business to potential new customers, all without the use of paid advertising.

The text for a social media post needs to have impact. There are thousands of social media messages uploaded every second so to help yours stand out, research the different sites and the best times to post for maximum engagement.

Keep the text short and only post about one topic at a time. Add hashtags to allow your post to reach a wider audience. Two hashtags on a post is considered to be ideal although some sites will allow more. You should incorporate them into the sentence so they feel like they belong there rather than forced in.

Writing for Printed Materials

The traditional printed methods, such as press releases and leaflets, still have their place in the business arena. The difference with this type of writing is that there is likely to be a strict space requirement and the audience will be limited to the distribution area. This provides an opportunity to direct your message to specific groups of people so focus on the aspect of your business that is relevant to them.

The most important part of any business writing is accuracy. Double-check your facts, grammar and spelling because this demonstrates your attention to detail. Write a first draft, leave it and revisit it later with fresh eyes so you can spot any mistakes.

Writing for the business/digital arena does not have to be daunting but the words you use and the messages you convey can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing strategy.

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A version of this article first appeared in the ‘Torfaen Business Voice’ newsletter, December 2018.